Empowerment Groups and Workshops

S.W.I.T.CH. Careers Networking (SCN) Groups provides the ultimate
support network.

80% of all jobs are found through networking. SCN groups include women who are re-entering the job market or S.W.I.T.CH.ing careers.

Participants in these weekly networking groups are expected to challenge, support and network for each other while in pursuit of career goals. Contact S.W.I.T.CH today to find out when the next SCN will happen in your area.

Career Wisdom in a Changing World
(for women and men)
You hear it on the news- unemployment is rising,  friends and family are talking about losing their jobs and homes. Your stress level is high. How do you survive and thrive in this changing economy? This Career Wisdom workshop will put you back in the driver seat of your own career. You’ll discover options you didn’t know you have- job satisfaction, financial rewards doing work you love and focus and confidence for running a successful job search. Don’t buy into the media, the fears, the negative thoughts. For many people, this is a time of “Yes I can!!” Nothing is impossible!

Contact S.W.I.T.CH. today to find out when this workshop will happen in your area.

Job Seeking Skills
All you need for your job search and more.

This workshop prepares you for the job search. We cover everything- resumes, interview preparation, elevator pitches, networking, negotiating benefits and salary, wardrobe consultation and finding the hidden job market. Contact S.W.I.T.CH. today to find out when this workshop will happen in your area.

A Special Note to Employers
I know we live in challenging times and that you may have to make difficult decisions about keeping or laying off employees. S.W.I.T.CH. Careers can make the process easier when you offer your former employees the opportunity to attend S.W.I.T.CH. Career workshops or have Individual Career Planning sessions. These services are offered to both men and women in your company. S.W.I.T.CH. Careers is affordable and adaptable to your company’s needs. Contact me today to discuss how we can make the difficult transition of staff layoffs a kinder, gentler process.. 

Public Speaking Topics:
I am available to speak on a variety of life transitions subjects:

leaf Career transitions after job loss
leaf Networking for life
leaf Women returning to work
leaf Learning to hear your voice in the midst of mothering
leaf Parking Lot Zen - Meditating anytime, anywhere.
leaf Salary Negotiation Skills For Women

Call S.W.I.T.CH. Careers today at
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to schedule an appointment
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“I feel very blessed and grateful for your support
in helping me to transition back into the workforce. With your help I was hired this week as a Business Manager and Administrator.
Thank you for your assistance in my success!”

~ Michelle


“I'm a renewed
professional because
of my work with you.
I approach my work differently everyday and help my colleagues to as
well since. I am so
grateful to have worked
with you Sherry.”

~ Susan


“Sherry, you strengthened
in me my belief that I
could work, manage the
kids and my life and do
it well. Before I met you
and worked with you, I NEVER thought it would
be possible. You gave me the gift of believing in myself for the first time. Life changing!”

~ Julie



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