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Individual Counseling

I work individually with clients in 90 minute sessions. In our time together, I use a variety of tools and processes designed to uncover your values, skills and career desires, while helping you to dissolve the obstacles that have stopped your progress. Together we create an Individual Career Plan (ICP) uniquely designed to help you achieve what you most desire for yourself professionally, personally, and financially. With the ICP as your foundation, we begin the job search process which includes the following:

leaf A Resume designed by S.W.I.T.CH. Careers is an amazing opportunity for you to tell the world what is special about you and why any employer would be lucky enough to get you. S.W.I.T.CH. believes no gap is too long, and no skill is insignificant.
leaf Interview preparation is your opportunity to learn how to tell the world who you are and what you have to offer: no apologies, no hiding, only shining. We’ll address wardrobe, etiquette and specific methods to answer the most difficult questions. You’ll prepare your clever 30 and 60 second “elevator pitch” to tell people who you are and what you want.
leaf Where the jobs are: There is a method to the madness of conducting a successful job search. Believe it or not, the secret is not on Craig’s list or on all the other job boards. You want to get the lead on the job opportunities? You want to be first in line when opportunity knocks? S.W.I.T.CH. Careers will show you how.
leaf Salary negotiation: You are likely to lose one million dollars over the course of your lifetime.. Why?
Because you don’t know how ask for what you want and deserve. Knowing your value and asking for what you’re worth are the gifts of learning salary negotiation.  
leaf Employer introductions: Working full-time? Feeling too scared to contact employers on your own? S.W.I.T.CH. Careers will contact designated employers on your behalf to develop, locate and secure job openings in professions of interest.
leaf Post employment counseling - New job, new life - When you begin your new job there can be significant stress. S.W.I.T.CH. Careers provides support and advice on how to make this transition go more smoothly for you, your family and your new employer. In addition, S.W.I.T.CH. Careers provides ongoing life transition counseling to take you through the cycles of your life.

Each individual session is $200. When you purchase in advance a bundle of 5 sessions the rate is dropped to $175.00 per meeting ($875 for 5). Each session includes a free 15 minute check in phone call for questions, last minute preparation and support during your job search process. Payment schedules are available.

Call me at (925) 212-7805
or e-mail me to schedule an appointment
for a free 15 minute assessment.



“After our weekly meetings I have the resources and skill to run my job search. It was wonderful to not be alone in this process."

~ Ileen


“You changed my life Sherry. I really mean that. You are an impactful woman!”

~ Lisa


"I needed your expert advice about my attempted resume and you came through. Because of my work with you I now have a great resume and answers ready for the interview questions that once filled me with fear.”

~ Endora




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